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September 20th at 12AM
GraphQL SF Meetup: September Edition

This is the first of an ongoing new series of meetups for the GraphQL community in the San Francisco Bay Area organized with and supported by the GraphQL Foundation. There is still time to sign up for GraphQLConf which is taking place at the same location as this meetup on September 19-21 in Burlingame. You will get a 20% discount when registering for GraphQLConf here with code:


In addition to the tacos and the open bar, we have technical talks planned for you covering federated APIs at scale, Rust powered API development, using GraphQL with Relay, Rapid Prototyping with Graphs, and the Indexing Protocol for Web3 Data. This event was made possible by the generous support of StellateThe GuildHasuraNeo4J, and The Graph Foundation.

Finally, a special thanks goes out to Atlassian for their initial involvement in organizing most of these talks and offering to hold the event at their office in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 12th.


5:00-5:20pm Networking, food, and drinks


 Welcome message from the sponsors

5:35-5:50pm Indestructible federated APIs at scale with caching - Max Stoiber - Stellate

5:50-6:05pm Rust Powered Fullstack GraphQL - Yassin Eldeeb - The Guild

6:05-6:25pm Networking, food last call, and drinks last call

6:25-6:40pm GraphQL without Relay is not worth it - Shahidh K Muhammed - Hasura

6:40-6:55pm Rapid Prototyping with Graphs & Neo4j - William Lyon - Neo4J

6:55-7:10pm Introducing The Graph: The Indexing Protocol for Web3 Data - Pedro Diogo - The Graph Foundation

7:10-7:30pm Networking

7:30pm That's all folks!

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January 5th at 6:30PM
GraphQL or tRPC Data Discussion

👋🏽 Welcome to the inaugural tRPC Guild event!

We have the creator of tRPC, Alex Johansson (aka "KATT"), and urql GraphQL core team member, Phil Plückthun (aka "kitten"), together to chat about data architecture 🐱🐈

Additionally, we have Taz Singh facilitating the discussion (to stay on brand, his last name means "lion") 🦁

About the event

We want to keep the discussion open and informative, aiming to dive deep into advanced topics that you'd consider when creating a rich application today such as:

  • General usage

  • Server-side considerations

  • Type safety

  • Real-time

  • Error handling

  • Usage deprecation

  • And so on (audience participation welcome!)

Thanks to Aris for acquiring venue space around Shoreditch to make this possible, we'll be hosting up to 100 attendees in-person. Additionally, we'll be streaming the event on YouTube. To receive information on the in-person venue or virtual streaming, please RSVP to this event.

If you can't make it to the event, no worries! We'll post a video of the stream to the Guild after. Please join the tRPC Guild to keep up with the latest Events & Presentations!

To keep things simple, in-person attendees are able to ask questions and get involved in the discussion (we very much welcome even coming on stage and joining us!), while virtual attendees are asked to submit any questions by tweeting at Taz, Alex, or Phil ahead of time that we will try to accommodate based on the direction of the discussion.


  • 6:30pm: Doors open

  • 7pm: Discussion begins

  • 8pm: Discussion hopefully ends

  • 9pm: Doors close


Thanks to Prisma for sponsoring the event! 👏🏽

Prisma unlocks a new level of developer experience when working with databases thanks to its intuitive data model, automated migrations, type-safety & auto-completion.

Many thanks to Foolproof for providing the venue! 🙌🏽

Foolproof is a product and service design company. We bring together insight, creativity, and technology to deliver experiences that transform businesses.

If you'd like to sponsor the event, please get in touch with Taz.

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