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Καλησπέρα, Αθήνα 🫶 Thank you for joining us in our 7th Gitpod meet-up! We're excited to be co-hosting this with our friends from . Hear about upcoming meet-ups, how you can get involved in the community and what to expect from this evening.
Pauline is Head of Community at , building the user community as well as the DevX Community: . When she’s not building community, she likes to share her thoughts on her tech journey, personal development, health and well-being on  and on .
How we build , why we choose to build it, what are the advantages of it and how you can use it today
For the svelte society hackaton me and decided to build a supercharged svelte REPL. This is a brief summary of the tech we've used, and the decisions we made.
is the toolkit that is built on top of Prisma with a powerful access control layer and Auto-generated API. When combined with Sevletkit, it would be much easier to build a production-ready, high-quality**,** scalable web application from scratch.
Make a demo to show how to build a SaaS product and how to change the business logic by simply changing the schema.
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