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September 7th at 4PM
React Amsterdam Autumn: Feature Management & React, Server driven-UI and more

👋 General Info

Hey React Amsterdam community! We are back on track and ready to have an exceptional time sharing the best open-source practices and knowledge with you.

We’re going to meet on the 7th of September to talk about all things React and dive deep into the details and internals of our favourite libraries, tools, and patterns.

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Hope you join us!

📍Event location

Picnic HQ - Van Marwijk Kooystraat 15, 1096 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands

🎫 Registration Please do RSVP here to show your friends you’re coming. Feel free to bring +1 friend who is interested in joining us (just share the Guild link - so your friend could register as well).

🤝 In collaboration with Huge thanks to our friends Picnic


At Picnic, we’ve been revolutionizing the way people buy their groceries since 2015 – and we’ve come a long way since then. We provide our rapidly-growing customer base with an affordable and sustainable service through cutting-edge technology, efficient planning, and a fleet of electric vehicles.

One of the main things that makes Picnic different is that we do almost everything in-house. Forecasting. Warehouse systems. Partnerships. Fleet strategies. Internal and external applications. We find it gives us more freedom when it comes to trying out new and innovative ideas!

This event made possible thanks to the support from React Summit organizers - GitNation.

🕑 Event Schedule

  • 18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization

  • 19:00 - Intro and announcements

  • 19:10 - Talks 🗣 To propose a talk for our meetup please fill in the CFP form.

  • 20:30 - Mingle until 21:30pm

🗣️ Talks ➡️ Feature Management & React - Fahad Heylaal

Feature Management needs, Decouple releases from deployments, My desire for a declarative no-UI solution, Leading to building, How it works being cloud native: Git repo, CI/CD, CDN, The three building blocks: Attributes: for making conditions, Segments: for targeting conditions Features: on/off flags, a/b test variations, variables, rollout rules, Review/approval workflow, React integration, TypeScript code generation, Alternatives and if you should adopt it

➡️ Server Driven-UI: Bringing Flexibility to Mobile FE - André Bovolini

The presentation is focused on exploring the innovative concept of Server-Driven User Interface (UI) and its transformative impact on mobile app development. We will dive into the dynamic approach of decoupling UI rendering from client-side code, allowing for real-time updates and modifications without the need for app store updates. It will also provide insights into the advantages of Server-Driven UI, such as enhanced flexibility, improved user experience and highly customisable content delivery.

➡️ A Story of UI Library Architecture and Workflow – Rodney Wormsbecher

If you have ever attempted to extract your UI libraries into an abstract package which can be consumed just like any other NPM package. You’ll probably have encountered quite a few hurdles. For example: 1. How do I ensure code quality and reusability? 2. How do I actually publish an NPM package? 3. Can the publishing of packages be automated by CI/CD? 4. How do I provide interactive documentation like Bootstrap or Material UI? In this presentation I will showcase a solid workflow when a developer makes a change and push it to GitHub to automatically publish the package both to NPM and the documentation of storybook to an Azure webapp. It will tackle many hurdles such as GitHub pipelines, NPM publish, Docker and Storybook.

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