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The Gitpod community in Athens 🇬🇷

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June 14th at 3:30PM
Developer Experience (DevX) meet-up hosted by Gitpod & Elastic - June 2023

Καλησπέρα, Αθήνα 🇬🇷

Join us for an evening of networking with the Gitpod and Elastic community, developer experience (DevX) enthusiasts with pizza and drinks. This event is sponsored by Gitpod and Elastic.

This is an opportunity to connect with others in the community and learn and share the best Gitpod and Elastic practices and knowledge.

What is Gitpod?

Gitpod is an open-source developer platform automating the provisioning of ready-to-code developer environments.

Developers are automating the world. At the same time, the workflow of writing software itself never left local computers. The hours of yak-shaving, friction and security issues this causes every week wastes calories and drags creators of software away from flow.

Gitpod exists to change that: from history-dependent cobbled local development environments to consistently reproducible, instant, ephemeral Cloud Development Environments (CDEs).


6:30 PM Doors open

6:40 PM Welcome!

6:45 PM Streamlining integration development for Elastic by Elastic team

7:30 PM Calm development workflows for a collaborative developer experience by Gitpod team

8:15 PM Closing remarks

8:20 PM Networking / food / drinks

9:00 PM Wrap up

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30 Attended
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