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React Advanced London September Meetup: Multiplayer AI Made Easy & more
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Hey-hey, London React community! Mark the date: September 14 & join this meetup full of talks about React and discussions on favourite libraries, tools, and patterns.
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To attend the meetup please ➡️  ⬅️ via Guild. Please do RSVP here to show your friends you’re coming. Feel free to bring +1 friend who is interested in joining us (just share the Guild link - so your friend could register as well).
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🕑 Event Schedule 18:30 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization 19:00 - Intro and announcements 19:10 - Talks 20:30 - Mingle until 10pm
🗣 Talks ➡️ Sunil Pai – Multiplayer AI Made Easy The new age of software lies at the intersection of AI agents, local first architecture, multiplayer collaboration, edge computing, and hyper performant user experiences. PartyKit is a new deployment platform that takes away the complexity and brings a familiar developer experience for ambitious developers. In this talk we'll have a look at how to build scifi applications from the future in minutes, and deploy to the internet in seconds! ➡️ Sanket Sahu – WordPress-like Plugins, but for Next.js Have you ever faced the challenge of wanting to bring in plugins to Next.js, just like you would in WordPress? I achieved it partially. I wanted to be able to easily install plugins for features like adding Google Analytics, Social Login, E-commerce and customize them to my needs, but I couldn't find a solution. So, I experimented - to bring the file-based plugin system Next.js inspired by WordPress. Join me as I share my journey in creating the Next.js WordPress-like Plugin System, an experiment enhance Next.js applications. ➡️ Jackson Gabbard – Using React Server Components and OpenAI Embeddings to Create a Killer Search Feature A lightning walkthrough taking an existing site and turning it into searchable content using OpenAI embeddings. We'll use react server components to create an extremely snappy UX while using server-side cosine similarity functions to determine the best search results. — 👍 Code of Conduct By registering for this event you agree to comply with our 
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