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GraphQL SF Meetup: September Edition
This is the first of an ongoing new series of meetups for the GraphQL community in the San Francisco Bay Area organized with and supported by the GraphQL Foundation. There is still time to sign up for GraphQLConf which is taking place at the same location as this meetup on September 19-21 in Burlingame. You will get a 20% discount when registering for GraphQLConf  with code:
In addition to the tacos and the open bar, we have technical talks planned for you covering federated APIs at scale, Rust powered API development, using GraphQL with Relay, Rapid Prototyping with Graphs, and the Indexing Protocol for Web3 Data. This event was made possible by the generous support of , and .
Finally, a special thanks goes out to  for their initial involvement in organizing most of these talks and offering to hold the event at their office in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 12th.
Agenda 5:00-5:20pm Networking, food, and drinks 5:20-5:35pm Welcome message from the sponsors 5:35-5:50pm Indestructible federated APIs at scale with caching - - 5:50-6:05pm Rust Powered Fullstack GraphQL - - 6:05-6:25pm Networking, food last call, and drinks last call 6:25-6:40pm GraphQL without Relay is not worth it - - 6:40-6:55pm Rapid Prototyping with Graphs & Neo4j - - 6:55-7:10pm Introducing The Graph: The Indexing Protocol for Web3 Data - - 7:10-7:30pm Networking 7:30pm That's all folks!
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