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We're a not-for-profit corporation with a mandate to support the learning and passion for JavaScript - and by extension, software development- in Toronto.

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January 25th at 11PM
JS Tech Talk [ Online ]: What would the browser do? Simpler mental models with Remix

🙌 TorontoJS tech talks are now online!

TorontoJS Tech Talk [Online] welcomes you to an electrifying virtual gathering where tech enthusiasts unite! Prepare for an immersive experience focused on cutting-edge tech talks, insightful discussions, and vibrant connections. Our highlight? A captivating presentation led by our esteemed guest host. Join us as they lead the way through an evening of curiosity, collaboration, and a deep dive into the world of JavaScript and beyond. Elevate your tech journey with us, and be part of an engaging experience where passion for code meets the thrill of learning.

👋 Come out and join us with special guest Andre will lead a talk on Remix, a full-stack web framework.


6:00 pm - Introduction & welcome notes from TorontoJS

6:10 pm - Andre Landgraf: What would the browser do? Simpler mental models with Remix

6:35 pm - Question Period and or mob programming

7:00 pm - Networking

7:25 PM - Final words

Andre Landgraf is a web developer from Germany. Currently, he lives in Cupertino, California, and works as a Software Engineer at LinkedIn. Andre loves learning, writing, and speaking about all things web. In his free time, he tutors aspiring developers, attends and organizes tech meetups, and builds cool web apps.

Andre is a frequent speaker at conferences speaking about topics ranging from React and his current passion: Remix

Andre is the author of Full Stack Development With Remix

We look forward to seeing you!

The event will be held on the TorontoJS Discord server.

We're looking for sponsors for events like these. If you or your company would like to support TorontoJS and get a message out to our community, please get in touch with organizers@torontojs.com

Code of Conduct is enforced at all TorontoJS events and spaces online or in person.

Andre Landgraf
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Past Events
Yesterday at 11PM
JS Tech Talk [In-Person]: Simplify Complex Apps(RawJS), React and React native Code Share, Apollo Caching

🙌 We’re back again one last time this year with another evening of tech talks for December!

👋 Come out and join us for a special event with some of our longest members who are coming together to share their knowledge with the community.

🎟️ RSVP now while there are spots available to avoid being on the waitlist


6:00 pm - Doors Open

6:20 pm - Welcome notes from TorontoJS

6:30 pm - Welcome from our hosts - Super.com

6:35 pm - How to build complex apps without frameworks(RawJS)

Paul Gordon is a serial tech entrepreneur with a ton of experience working in the weeds on some of the hardest research problems the industry has to offer (real-time production-grade compilers), as well as in the clouds and leading, training, and managing teams of developers at all skill levels and plotting long-term visions.

He is going to show how he builds apps without frameworks. He'll be demoing an open-source app he is working on that uses the RawJS. And he'll explain why and when you might want to do this.

7:05 pm - Share Code Between React and React Native

Emily Xiong is a front-end developer who likes hiking, biking, and running. I am going to do a full marathon next year. I am currently working for an open-source company called Nx. I previously worked for enterprises and consulting firms in Toronto.

Emily will explain why usually creating web and mobile apps requires totally different tech stacks, and it is pretty hard to share code. This presentation shows how she adds a React web app and a React Native mobile app, and how she optimizes codeshare between the two.

7:35 pm - 15 mins break

7:50 pm - Apollo caching and how to befriend it

Raman Lally is a software developer with a passion for solving complex problems, mastering technology, and applying himself in everything that he does. His experience includes large-scale React projects with GraphQL servers and microservices. He's involved in all aspects of the stack, from GraphQL servers to React components. Currently, he's pioneering a GraphQL solution at his organization.

He will give us an inside look at how the cache works in Apollo client and what it is doing behind the scenes (normalization, automatic updates, and garbage collection).

8:20 pm - Networking

9:00 pm - Doors Close

Note: All times in the schedule are an approximation.

Many thanks to Super.com for hosting us!

We're looking for sponsors for for events like these. If you or your company would like to support TorontoJS and get a message out to our community, please get in touch with organizers@torontojs.com

Code of Conduct is enforced at all TorontoJS events and spaces-online or in-person.

Gendered toilets and a single occupancy accessible toilet are available.

TorontoJS is a volunteer-led not-for-profit organization. Kindly assist us with tidying up, as otherwise the venue staff and volunteers have to pick up after you.

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November 26th at 6PM
JS Social: OpenTTD online

Lets play OpenTTD together!

OpenTTD is an open source version of a 90's MS-DOS game, that can be played multiplayer. Runs on every platform! https://www.openttd.org/ You will probably want a mouse for this though!

You might recognize the style of the game, as Transport Tycoon is a predecessor of Rollercoaster Tycoon.

We'll hang on discord for this. The game supports up to 25 players. If you're new to the game, I can share my screen and explain the nuances.

One of the fun things of Transport Tycoon and OpenTTD is that you start with a relatively barren world, but because everyone is building it gets filled in and connected more.

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