Streamlining integration development for Elastic
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Elastic gives the flexibility to use a variety of data ingestion methods. Extending Elastic’s ingestion methods by using integrations, is a key feature of Elastic Stack to provide additional functionality.

But what tools are provided to the integration developers in order to be more productive regarding the creation of such integrations? And how do we approach the key factors of automation and devops concepts as part of the development?

In this session we will cover the following:

What is an Elastic Integration

  • Elastic-package tool: How to build a new integration

  • How Elastic Agent leverages the integrations to enable new data inputs

  • Make your builds alive: GitOps example functionality

  • From integrations’ development to advanced template building to match dynamic environments (Kubernetes) needs


Andreas Gkizas: Principal Software Engineer @ Elastic

Christos Markou: Senior Software Engineer @ Elastic

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