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Svelte London - May 2023

Talks from Svelte Society members on Svelte and SvelteKit!

Join us for the latest Svelte Society London event at Microsoft Reactor London!

How to build a fully functional SaaS using Sevletkit and ZenStack’s Access control policy

ZenStack is the toolkit that is built on top of Prisma with a powerful access control layer and Auto-generated API. When combined with Sevletkit, it would be much easier to build a production-ready, high-quality**,** scalable web application from scratch.

Make a demo to show how to build a SaaS product and how to change the business logic by simply changing the schema.

Building a supercharged REPL for Svelte

How we build , why we choose to build it, what are the advantages of it and how you can use it today

For the svelte society hackaton me and @SarcevicAntonio decided to build a supercharged svelte REPL. This is a brief summary of the tech we've used, and the decisions we made.

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