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⚛️ React Native London - November Edition [Tickets on Guild]

The event will be in-person only, meaning you can come watch live and network with like-minded people.

This month, Amazon will be hosting us in their offices at 1 Principal Pl, London EC2A 2BA

You can watch our past meetups here:

🕚 The Timings: • 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm: Drinks & food • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Talks + Q&A • 9 pm onwards: Finish leftovers + PUB!

💻 The Agenda:

1️⃣ Jay Meistrich - Founder of Legend | Building faster apps faster with Legend-State

2️⃣ Giovanni Laquidara - Sr Dev Advocate @ Amazon & Mo Javad - Head of Mobile @ Theodo | TV Apps in React Native

🍷 The sponsor – Theodo (

Our team of 50+ agile web, mobile and software experts are based in Soho Square, London with offices in Paris and New York.

Over the last 10 years and across over 500 projects, we have partnered with non-technical founders to launch their first product, FTSE 100 companies to increase market share through launching internal startups & spearheading digital transformation initiatives, and SME CTOs to build and scale their technical teams.

Theodo projects start fast, and progress even faster, with our unique methodology combining agile, lean and DevOps allowing us to build more efficiently as the project progresses. We are experts at React Native, Serverless, React, Django/Python, Node.js and Symfony, with experience in many other frameworks.

🎥 Video recording sponsored by Pusher:

You can view previous event talks and more by visiting the Pusher App YouTube channel!

Pusher is a hosted service with APIs, developer tools and open source libraries that greatly simplify integrating real-time functionality into web and mobile applications.

Pusher will automatically scale when required, removing all the pain of setting up and maintaining a secure, real-time infrastructure.

Pusher is already trusted to do so by thousands of developers and companies like GitHub, MailChimp, the Financial Times, Buffer and many more.

Getting started takes just a few seconds: simply go to and create a free account. Happy hacking!

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