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React Dublin Meetup: Building Progressive Web Applications with React and more

👋 General Info

Hey, React Dublin community!

After a break, we're returning in November with the new React Meetup and hope to see you all there for great discussions and networking!

Don't miss an opportunity to become a speaker if you have some ideas in mind, just fill in this FORM.

🎫 Registration

To attend the meetup please REGISTER HERE via Guild. Please do RSVP to show your friends you’re coming.

📍Event location

Huckletree Dublin (Snug Room) - The Academy, 42 Pearse St, Dublin, D02 HV59

🤝 Sponsored by

Great Respect to nineDots for hosting the meetup and fuelling us with snacks & beverages!

nineDots is a growing tech recruitment company based in Dublin and Bahrain. We’re currently a team of 11 who always put people first – whether it’s getting the right person for your team, or helping you land your next job - we always stay transparent and look to do the right thing by you. We recruit for all roles across the tech ecosystem, and tech sales too.

As a company, we’re heavily embedded in the tech community in Dublin and will always do what we can to help and support those around us!

This event made possible thanks to the support from React Day Berlin & Test JS Summit organizers - GitNation.

🕑 Event Schedule

  • 18:30 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization

  • 19:00 - Opening notes

  • 19:10 - Building Progressive Web Applications with React: Unlocking the Full Potential of Web Development - Shritesh Jamulkar

  • 19:30 - Tale of a Refactor, a Way to Make your React Components Plug-and-Play while Taming Complexity - Endre Vegh

  • 19:50 - Break with drinks, networking

  • 20:00 - Testing with Storybook - Norbert de Langen

  • 20:20 - Networking, Open Mic Lightning Talks

  • Mingle until 10pm

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🗣 Talks

➡️ Shritesh Jamulkar - Building Progressive Web Applications with React: Unlocking the Full Potential of Web Development

This talk is a comprehensive guide to building Progressive Web Applications with React. We will begin by introducing the concept of PWAs and highlighting the benefits they offer, including offline capabilities, fast loading times, and app-like experiences. We will then delve into the core principles and features of React, showcasing how it can be leveraged to create high-performing PWAs. We will cover the implementation of service workers, which enable offline access and background synchronization, allowing users to interact with your application even without a stable internet connection. We will explore caching strategies to optimize the performance of PWAs, ensuring quick and reliable access to cached resources.

➡️ Endre Vegh – Tale of a Refactor, a Way to Make your React Components Plug-and-Play while Taming Complexity

Writing one component is easy. Conditionally rendering two different ones is still not hard. But what if you face an "n" number of permutations. "n" number of different UI elements and scattered business logic? Switch statements all over the place. Might not sound scary when we write the code. What about your future self? Cognitive load fires off the roof. Maintaining your code? Onboarding new devs? Good luck. Sounds all too familiar? Let's see a possible solution how to tame complexity. How to tackle a large number (possibly infinite) of branches in a frontend codebase without losing our sanity.

➡️ Norbert de Langen – Testing with Storybook

Writing complex UI and maintaining it can be hard. Writing tests help, but writing tests is also hard. Storybook can help with both, and provide auto documentation for your components.

➡️ Open Mic Lightning Talks – every attendee is welcome to speak (<5min)

➡️ If you have ideas and want to become a speaker, feel free to insert your proposal here

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