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React Amsterdam November: The Long Awaited Next.JS Features & more
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Hey, React folks!
It’s getting colder outside but no worries – we prepared the hottest React topics to discuss in this November 😉
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We hope you join us on November 8!
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18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization
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19:10 - Talks
20:30 - Mingle until 21:30pm
➡️ The Long Awaited Next.JS Features – Mustafa Azim
Next.JS has long been the favored framework for React enthusiasts, but with the recent Next V13 update, things have taken an intriguing turn. The new version has introduced some highly anticipated features that have left developers with mixed feelings. The challenges arise from React's extensive history predating Next.JS, making it difficult to seamlessly integrate new functionalities like the 'Servicer Action' and others. However, Next.JS stands out as one of the first frameworks to tackle the server/client territory within a single code block. This innovative approach is still in its early stages and promises to shape the future of frameworks to come. To delve deeper into this exciting topic, make sure to attend our event.
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