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November meetup

🍽️ Come hungry: we'll have food and drinks!

👍 We have a limited amount of spots, so only RSVP (via Meetup) when you are sure you'll be able to make it.


19:00 Doors (food and drinks available)

20:00 Talk 1: Bram Van der Sype - Writing a Discord bot from scratch... in PHP

20:45 Talk 2: Thijs Feryn - HTTP headers that will make your website go faster

21:15 Socializing

22:?? End of meetup

Talk 1: Writing a Discord bot from scratch... in PHP (by Bram Van der Sype)

When you need to write a long running script that reacts to WebSockets, sends heartbeat pings and communicates asynchronously over HTTP, of course the first language you think of is PHP. Or is it?

In this talk I'll show you how to do just that, with modern PHP and libraries like ReactPHP.

Talk 2: HTTP headers that will make your website go faster (by Thijs Feryn)

Slowdowns or downtime can be the death of any web app or service. These problems, which often happen during traffic spikes, have a detrimental effect on the user experience and can ultimately result in loss of customers and damage to your company’s reputation. Fortunately, there are some simple and effective techniques to mitigate the impact of slowdowns caused by a traffic spikes – but surprisingly, most developers aren’t using these techniques to their full potential: caching HTTP responses.

While there are many caching implementations out there, each with their own specific features and implementation, HTTP already has conventional caching mechanisms built into the protocol, which are respected by most caching systems.

In this presentation, the audience will learn how to leverage some of those built-in mechanisms to control the lifetime of cached objects, create cache variations, perform conditional requests, handle stale data, revalidate expired content, handle errors, and use HTTP placeholders. The various techniques will help developers accelerate their website or application, making it fast regardless of the traffic patterns.


We look forward seeing you at our meetup!

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