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JS Tech Talk [In-Person]: Snack Pack
JS Tech Talk is for sharing knowledge about all things Javascript, dev-related or improving our craft and careers.
The venue holds ~80 people, so please RSVP only if you are coming, and update it if you can no longer attend.
Unfortunately, this event won’t be streamed but we will make best efforts to record the talks!
Schedule 6:00 pm - Doors open 6:20 pm - Announcements 6:30 pm - talk 6:45 pm - Ankita Kulkarni 7:05pm - Q&A 7:15 pm - Simon MacDonald 7:35 pm - Q&A 7:45 - Alex Bodurri 8:00 - Q&A 9:00 - Everyone Goes Home
Speaker Bios
Alex Bodurri (He/Him) is a Software Developer who loves solving problems on the Web. Alex works at Verto Health to help drive healthcare innovation in Canada. He moonlights as a member of the Angular team, with a primary focus on DevTools.
Ankita Kulkarni is a Senior Engineering Technical Leader with over 10 years of Tech industry experience. She is passionate about growing developers and leaders and wants to help them level up in their engineering careers. She worked for several companies such as WealthSimple, IBM, Loblaw Digital - Shoppers Drug Mart, and more.
Simon MacDonald is the Head of Developer Experience at Begin where he contributes to open source projects like Architect and Enhance. He's one of the co-organizers of the ever popular Ottawa JS Meetup.
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