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JS Tech Talk [In Person]: A11y, DX, Agility
We're back! (Again, yes again)
JS Tech Talk is for sharing knowledge about all things Javascript or dev-related to improve our craft and careers. Talks are open to all skill levels, but these particular talks may be suited to intermediate and staff levels.
Come out to VMWare Tanzu Labs for some juicy talks on developer experience!
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Venue is  2 min walk from King/Yonge.
Gendered toilets and a single occupancy accessible toilet are available.
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Shruti Vellanki - Integrating Accessibility into Your Developer Workflow
Accessibility can be intimidating when it's viewed as a checklist. Shruti introduces us to the POUR Framework (Percievable, Operable, Understandable and Robust) to make development more intuitive when looking at code, design specs, assets and testing features. She'll also touch on how tools can be used to make this easier: browser extensions, colour contrast checkers, screen readers and integrations for your CI/CD pipeline.
Nik LeBlanc, "DORA at DevCycle: Tracking engineering metrics that matter"
Google's DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) research shows that the most reliable software teams typically optimize their software for four metrics, including Change Lead Time, Deployment Frequency, Change Failure Rate and Mean Time To Recovery. Nik will share insights from DORA, SPACE, and DevEx that set high performing teams apart from low performing teams.
Rob Jackiewicz, "Fast iteration cycles, how to get feedback and build the right thing"
Speaker Bios
Shruti Vellanki is a Software Engineer who loves working on the front end, Design Systems, Component Libraries, and Accessibility. She enjoys reading nonfiction and is part of the Toronto Public Library's Culture and Technology Bookclub!
Nikolas LeBlanc is the Vice President of Engineering at DevCycle, where he spearheads technological innovation, drawing from his extensive experience in the software industry. Before joining DevCycle, he held key roles at multiple companies, including Engineering Director at Taplytics and Solutions Architect at , leading high-impact development projects. In addition to his technical expertise, Nikolas is an accomplished public speaker, captivating audiences with his insights on topics like DORA metrics.
Rob Jackiewicz is a Senior Staff Engineer that has worked across roles ranging from supercomputers, system software to web based systems. All that matters to him is working as part of a team that wants to achieve greatness in any endeavour that they take on.
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