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JS Code Club: Online - Group Programming
TorontoJS Group Programming is a friendly coding environment where we can bounce ideas & ask questions freely while working on software challenges together.
Please bring your projects/ideas to the event, or just show up and contribute to the discussion!
We can tackle an open-source issue together. Some issues don't require much context to solve and are suitable for beginners too. This group programming event can be a great opportunity to start your open-source journey. ()
We can hack on personal projects together. Is there a bug in your software that you want to fix with the group? Is there a feature you want to add? How about some refactoring to clean up your codebase? It's fun to see how everyone has different approaches to solve these technical challenges. ()
Are you job searching? We can take a look at Leetcode-style interview questions together. ()
Countless new libraries appear in the JS ecosystem every year. We can try out a new piece of tech together and share our first impressions.
This event is not about competition or achievements. Come for the pure joy of building.
Code of conduct is enforced at all TorontoJS events
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