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Code & Communicate: a workshop for women developers [in-person]
Unlock the power of communication at Code & Communicate: a workshop for women developers!
The Big Picture:
Join like-minded women to learn from experts and participate in a workshop designed to elevate your technical documentation, cross-team collaboration, and public speaking at this in-person event.
Take advantage a supportive environment focused on the unique challenges and opportunities facing women in development and participate in three facilitated breakout sessions:
Master Technical Documentation
Learn the art of crafting technical documentation that drives project success and get hands-on experience in creating clear, concise content.
Bridge the Gap with Non-Technical Teams
Get tips on navigating the complexities of cross-team collaboration. Practice translating tech jargon into language everyone can understand.
Conquer Public Speaking
Overcome stage fright and captivate your audience with confidence. Receive expert guidance and a unique opportunity to practice delivering clear, compelling presentations.
The Details:
Cost: $10 - this cost will cover pizza.
Who should join? - Women in software development (any level of experience).
Where? - Near Toronto’s financial core.
What to bring? - Your laptop and an open mind!
Space for this event is limited! Registration and payment is required.
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Meet the Experts:
Niya Panamdanam is a senior software engineer with over 6 years of front-end expertise. She is a passionate advocate for women in the tech industry and emphasizes the significance of thorough technical documentation and efficient technical debt management. She serves as the engineering team lead at Healthie, a healthcare SaaS firm.
Natasha Kasunic is a passionate speaker who has captured all kinds of audiences including executives, peers, students, 1000+ person crowds and smaller project groups both online and in-person. She has a double degree in business and computer science and is currently a product manager at marketing tech firm, Environics Analytics.
Meet Your Hosts:
Zeinab Farag is a full stack developer with about 2 years of experience. She is a career-transitioner starting off in the life sciences and breaking into the tech industry after joining a web development bootcamp. She joined TorontoJS early 2023 and is looking forward to organizing events that are as informative and exciting as the ones that have inspired her in the past.
Chantal Gagnon recently landed in Toronto from NYC where she spent the last decade working with aspiring entrepreneurs and companies in finance, high-ed, and tech before joining Salesforce’s innovation team where she is now. Passionate about empowering women, she co-founded a unique event series that fuses meditation and design thinking to help women confidently find their voice.
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