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AmsterdamJS Meetup: Web Performance, Unleashing Creativity in Code & more

👋 General Info

Hey-hey, Amsterdam!

Mark the new date for our next AmsterdamJS Meetup: November 23. Join us to learn new things about Web Performance, Code Creativity and many more!

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🎫 Registration

To attend the meetup please ==>REGISTER HERE<== Please do RSVP here to show your friends you’re coming. Feel free to bring +1 friend who is interested in joining us (just share the guild link - so your friend could register as well).

📍Event location Fiberplane – Overtoom 16, 1054HJ, Amsterdam

🤝 In collaboration with

Great Respect for Fiberplane

 for hosting the meetup and fuelling us with snacks & beverages!

Fiberplane is building a collaborative notebook platform for DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers. Fiberplane is the creator of Autometrics.

Autometrics is an open-source observability micro framework for developers. Autometrics is built by Fiberplane to make observability and monitoring more accessible for developers. The mission of both Autometrics and Fiberplane is to enable developers to resolve and manage incidents with more focus and less friction.

This event made possible thanks to the support from JS Nation & React Day Berlin organizers - GitNation.

🕑 Event Schedule

  • 18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization

  • 19:00 - Opening notes

  • 19:10 - Web Performance – From the Lab to the Field - Kristján Oddsson, Engineer IV

  • 19:30 - Unleashing Creativity in Code (Without Accidentally Deleting the Internet) - Lewis Voncken, Experius

  • 19:50 - Break with drinks

  • 20:00 - Asynchronous is not Magic - Mohamad Shiralizadeh, iO

  • 20:20 - Networking, Open Mic Lightning Talks

  • Mingle until 10pm

🗣 Talks

➡️ Kristján Oddsson – Web Performance – From the Lab to the Field

The advent of the internet and the rise of digital technologies have transformed the way we live, work, and play. As we find ourselves increasingly reliant on web applications, the importance of Web Performance has never been more evident. In this talk, we'll go over some basics of Web Performance, why Web Performance matters, and look at some real production data, how to collect it, and analyse it.

➡️ Lewis Voncken – Unleashing Creativity in Code (Without Accidentally Deleting the Internet)

Do you often find yourself trapped in the labyrinth of code, desperately hoping you won't trigger an apocalypse with a misplaced semicolon?

Well, fear not! In this uproarious talk, we're taking a hilarious detour from the mundane world of web development to explore how injecting a healthy dose of creativity can turn your codebase into a masterpiece. And don't worry – we promise to leave the internet intact! Prepare to unlock the secret to web development success: humor! We'll explore how adding whimsical comments to your code can turn error messages into a stand-up comedy routine.

➡️ Mohamad Shiralizadeh – Asynchronous is not Magic

In the world of Javascript, async/await events used to be magical and hard to understand, but not anymore! In this engaging and informative talk, we will dive deep into the concept of the event loop. Designed for both senior and mid-level developers, this session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the event loop across various environments, including web browsers and Node.js. This will help us understand how Javascript handles async events from the past to the present, so we can continually improve our code.

➡️ Open Mic Lightning Talks – every attendee is welcome to speak (<5min)

➡️ If you have ideas and want to become a speaker for next meetups, feel free to insert your proposal here

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