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AmsterdamJS Meetup: Fine–Tuning Your Reactivity & more
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Hey, AmsterdamJS community!
After a break, we're returning in October with the new AmsterdamJS Meetup and hope to see you all there for great JS discussions and networking!
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🕑 Event Schedule
18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization
19:00 - Intro and announcements
19:10 - Talks 🗣To propose a talk for our meetups please fill in the
20:30 - Mingle until 10pm
➡️ Salama Ashoush: Fine-Tuning Your Reactivity: Harnessing the Power of Signals
Discover how to achieve high performance and exceptional user experience in your web applications using fine-grained reactivity with signals. This powerful technique allows you to fine-tune the reactivity of your components, making your applications more efficient and responsive to user interactions. Learn the benefits of using signals, how to implement them, and create highly reactive components that respond to changes in a targeted way, resulting in a better user experience.
➡️ Artem Kobzar – How to Make Friends with Android and Backend Departments
In this talk you will know how to share code between the next code bases: Web App, Android application, and Kotlin backend. I will show how to take those 3 applications and iteratively start to share step-by-step: models, data validation logic, request/response services, and even UI. At each step we will have a ready-to-production application and participants could chose any "depth" of the code sharing.
➡️ Laurynas Keturakis – TFW You can't Console.log Your Way out of Production Issues
Congrats, you deployed your Node app to prod! But how do you actually know if your users are having a good experience? Logs are great initially—until your dashboard becomes overwhelming. We could add metrics but they have a steep learning curve. In this talk we'll see where console.log falls short and learn how metrics help us better define what a good user experience is. We'll also discuss why useful code instrumentation is hard, and propose what we can do to make it easier.
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