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BeQwik - Belgian Qwik Community created to keep track of this powerful framework, qwik, that allows you to deliver instant apps at scale and build instantly-interactive web apps without effort.

Our goal is to gather regularly at Meetups to learn and grow together. So join us and let's enjoy some good perfomance and speed ...

BeQwik is part of BeJS - Belgian JavaScript Community

Past Events
September 21st at 4:30PM
BeQwik#01 | Instant Interactivity with Qwik: Revolutionizing Web App Performance

MEETUP BeQwik #01 | BeJS ON TOUR : Ghent - Belgium

Introducing BeQwik #01, the first meetup of the Belgian Qwik Community.

Hosted by Deliverect

📆 Thursday, September 21th, 2023

🕡 6.30 PM

📍 Foreestelaan 82, 9000 Ghent, Belgium



Antoine Pairet is a health-tech entrepreneur from Belgium. He co-founded Rosa and currently serves as CTO, leading a team of 20+ engineers. Rosa is an online booking platform trusted by individuals and hospitals. The end game of Rosa is to help people live healthier longer by building a patient app.

Antoine has been shipping products on top of the web platform for more than a decade. Before Rosa, he was a co-founder and CTO of 2 other health-tech startups.

During his free time, he likes skiing and cycling. Antoine lives in Brussels with his wife and three kids.

More about Antoine : Twitter , Github

Wim Holvoet is a senior front-end engineer from Belgium with more than a decade of experience in shipping web applications. He joined Rosa from the get-go and currently leads the hospital team.

When he is not coding, Wim enjoys quality time with his two kids, wife, and friends. He travels the coasts with his camper looking for the best surf spot.

More about Wim : Twitter , Github


Frustrated with the sluggish loading and delayed interactivity during app hydration? Say hello to Qwikthe cutting-edge frontend framework that brings instant interactivity to web apps! This session will delve into the groundbreaking capabilities of Qwik, demonstrating its ability to maintain consistent performance even as your app scales, ensuring mobile core web vitals remain at their peak.

Join Wim and Antoine as they guide you through an enlightening journey, unveiling the necessity for Qwik and its differentiating features compared to current-generation frameworks. Drawing from their extensive experience, they will share real-world insights gained from shipping production apps using Qwik. Get ready to embrace the future of web app performance and learn how Qwik can redefine your development approach. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the game-changing potential of instant interactivity with Qwik.

⚠️ Rules:

In order to provide you with the best experience possible, here are some rules to abide by so that everyone can enjoy the meetup :

  • This meetup has a limited attendee capacity.

  • In order to attend you have to RSVP

  • Members of the community who RSVP and then don't show up three times will be removed from the group. ( As we have limited capacity we would like to avoid people not being able to attend because others RSVPed YES and did not show up.

  • Ifyou're not coming anymore please RSVP NO so that people in the waiting list can attend.

  • Everyone is more than welcome to help, propose or share Ideas with the BeJS team. You can contact us on : contact@bejs.io

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