Unleashed: Next.js, React Query their BFF
Presentation by Faris Aziz

This talk explores the intersection of Next.js, React Query, and the Backend for Frontend (BFF) design pattern, three vital elements pieces that help solve the puzzle of performant and scalable data fetching.

I’ll start by discussing Next.js and its capabilities for React applications, highlighting its features like server rendering and data pre fetching, and route pre-fetching. I’d then delve into client data fetching and state management, showcasing how React Query brings a new perspective to managing server state hydration in React applications, simplifying data fetching, caching, synchronization, and updates.

The last part of the talk will take the topic further by introducing the Backend For Frontend (BFF) design pattern, demonstrating how a BFF can be integrated with NextJs API handler to work seamlessly as a Proxy with a React application, enhancing user experience and performance by spreading the load of large payloads.

Throughout the talk, real-world examples will be used to provide a practical understanding of these topics.

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