Generative AI for Front-end Developers
Presentation by Adam Cowley, Neo4j

Don’t let Python developers have all of the fun with LLMs.

This talk is a gentle introduction to Generative AI and Large Language Models for front-end developers looking to build intelligent chatbots and applications. We’ll dive into Langchain.js, an open-source orchestration framework for building AI Applications.

We will start by exploring the basics of Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs), how they work, and cover some common pitfalls and how they can be avoided. We’ll take a closer look at vectors, retrievers, and how to build an agent capable of choosing tools to perform specific tasks.

About Adam: Adam Cowley is a dedicated developer with a keen interest in data and graph databases. Serving as the Senior Developer Advocate at Neo4j, Adam produces educational content for GraphAcademy, Neo4j’s free, self-paced, online learning platform. His technical experience spans two decades, developing websites, mobile apps and mixed reality experiences for budding startups to the world’s biggest companies


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