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React Advanced London Meetup: New React Native Architecture, FlashList, Restyle and UI Kitten
👋 General Info Hey React folks, our next meetup is on the way!
Important notice: we always looking for a meetup speakers who can share expertise with community. Submit your talk here👇
🗓️ Remember the date: 28th of September & join us to talk about all things React and dive deep into the details and internals of our favourite libraries, tools, and patterns. We hope to see you.
🤝 Sponsors Huge shout out to our sponsor: Shopify is a provider of cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform. The company's software allows merchants to design, manage and sell their products across multiple sales channels, including web and mobile store fronts, social media, physical retail locations, pop-up shops and marketplaces. Shopify powers millions of businesses globally with essential commerce infrastructure. Shopify engineers work on challenging projects at scale across front-end, back-end, infrastructure and data using React, React Native, and more stacks.
This event made possible thanks to the support from React Advanced London organizers - GitNation.
🕑 Event Schedule 18:30 - Doors open & socialization, pizza time 19:00 - Intro and announcements 19:10 - Talks 20:00 - Mingle until 10pm
🗣️ Talk details
➡️ Nicola Corti @Meta - Bringing the New React Native Architecture to the OSS community
The talk will walk through users on the New Architecture of React Native and will explain a bit the migration path.
➡️ Siavash Etemadieh @Shopify - FlashList: A better List for React Native
Want 60fps Lists even on lower end devices and without seeing those dreaded blank cells? Shopify has recently open-sourced FlashList, a new drop-in replacement for React Native's FlatList. In this talk, you'll learn more about how we built FlashList, why it's so fast, and how you can use it to make your lists lightning fast today.
➡️ Lorenzo Sciandra @Microsoft - The new architecture is here… what now?
The React Native new architecture has been "coming next year!" since 2019 - but, this time, it’s actually here! So… what now? What do we actually need to do, to benefit from this all new shiny tech? In this talk, I want to provide some insights and in-depth analysis of the current state of the migration path to the new architecture, to help you and your team evaluate and estimate when and how and how long it will take you to get to the next level!
➡️ Valentin Nagacevschi @10x-Banking - Restyle and UI Kitten, the best from both worlds
Ever wanted to utilise UI Kitten, the stunning React Native framework for creating cross platform mobile apps, alongside Shopify Restyle? Look no further! In this talk I will be presenting how to combine, UI Kitten, with Shopify Restyle, in order to get dynamic layout while preserving the chosen design system.
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