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JS Monthly, September Meetup
This event will be kindly hosted by . Besides the venue they will provide beers, wine and soft drinks.
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6:00pm: Doors open
6:30pm: I would never use an ORM // Matteo Collina
What's an ORM? An Object-Relational Mapping tool (ORM) is a library to map a SQL table to a Class. Most ORMs force users to structure their code into Model objects that include both data access and business logic.
Once upon a time, I did several projects using ORMs as I followed the common belief that those simplify the development and maintenance of projects. I was wrong. ORMs are often a hurdle to overcome for the most complex part of a project. As the next stop of my journey, I recommended people to use the native languages of their databases, e.g. SQL.
This works great for the most part but it creates quite a struggle: there is a lot of boilerplate code to write that can be quite tedious. I was wrong, again. Today I'm presenting you with something new.
7:00pm: Short break
7:15pm: Pattern Matching in Code and Data // Andreas Kollegger
Functional programming has brought many powerful ideas into mainstream coding with widely adopted concepts like map and reduce. There's another secret superpower to improve code readability and maintainability – declarative code branching. How? With pattern matching.

Together, we'll apply pattern matching to everyday coding tasks like conditional component selection, then extend the approach to data fetching, peeking all the way over to the database.
8pm: End of event - Pub afterparty
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