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JS Monthly, November Meetup

Come and join us for our last event of the year! As always, we've prepared some great talks, and of course beer & pizza.

This event will be kindly hosted by Foolproof. Drinks and food will be provded by Vonage.


6:00pm: Doors open

Talk 1: Every app should have real-time collaboration features // Vladi Stevanovic

Talk description: Modern users expect apps that are natively built to support team collaboration and communication - it’s not a coincidence that Figma, Miro, Canva, Notion, etc. are top-performing apps. Not to mention that collaborative products are virality machines for businesses.

Implementing real-time collaborative tech in your JS app is easier than you think … provided that you know which approach would suit best your use case. This talk will walk you through how to leverage a lean and OSS-focused tech stack to make your apps collaborative.

About speaker: Vladi is a Director of Community at Multiplayer, with 10+ years of experience in building developer communities and enablement. Previously leading customer success at Prisma and MongoDB. I'm interested in all things system design, distributed systems, and software architecture. You can usually find me working on my couch surrounded by dogs.


Talk 2: Gateway to React: the story // Rachel Nabors

Talk description: A behind the scenes look at the design and development of the all-new React docs at

About a speaker: Rachel Lee Nabors has worked web standards and opensource with Mozilla, the W3C, Microsoft, and lead the new React and React Native docs at and with the core teams at Meta. Their dream is to teach the world to code so others may create a future we can all believe in. After leading developer education at AWS Amplify, they are consulting in this space.


Talk 3: The Next API Revolution Will Be Wireless // Paul Ardeleanu

The world of wireless connectivity is on the cusp of a major transformation, and it’s happening on your phone too. In this keynote, we will embark on a journey through the evolution of 1G to 5G networks and operators, charting the path that has led us to the brink of this exciting new era and will explore how Network APIs are emerging as the pivotal tool for unlocking the full potential of our interconnected world. From enhancing connectivity and data exchange to revolutionizing user experiences, these new wireless APIs are set to transform our digital landscape. Get ready to uncover the future of Network APIs and learn how you can leverage them to drive innovation for your customers.]

Paul's bio: Paul is part of the amazing Developer Relations team at Vonage and is responsible for the Tooling part of the developer experience.

He started programming back in the days of Fortran, the programming language that screams at you, and eventually "graduated" to Visual Studio 6, to complete a PhD in Computational Physics from UCLan. His research was part of the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) project, the current standard for data centre backup tapes. These days Paul enjoys writing words in Ruby, JavaScript, Swift and, the grandad, Objective-C.

// SPONSOR TIME Venue provided by Foolproof Drinks provded by Vonage

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