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Devtools Pune - November Edition

Welcome to the very first rendition of Devtools Pune! A couple of us are coming to Pune for the first time, and seeing a lack of meetups around devtools, decided to make one. We're meeting at the Peerlist offices to chat about Devtools!

Learn about building tools for other devs, supporting your own tools, and new tools on the market!

Join us for amazing talks like -

  1. Disrupting Devtools with LLMs - by Akash Joshi - AI R&D Engineer at Intercom, London

  2. Debugging GraphQL like a Pro - by Dan Starns - CEO & Co-founder of RocketConnect, UK

  3. API Gateways made simple - by Leon Nunes - TSE at, US

  4. And a secret talk from Peerlist themselves!!

See you there!

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