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BeJS Conf - Conference Day IRL & Online 12.05.23 | Workshop Day IRL 11.05.23
BeJS Conf – The Belgian JavaScript Conference is back to Brussels on May 12th, 2023; and Online!
This year’s edition will take you through the latest JavaScript and Frontend development technologies and updates, from top-notch worldwide experts; sharing their mastery through lively talks, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and more…! ()
Qwik, NodeJS, TypeScript, VueJS, SolidJS, Testing, TC39, Security, Design… are among what to expect at BeJS CONF 2023.
Misko Hevery (Qwik creator), Erick Wendel, Gift Egwuenu , Kyle Simpson, Jenn Creighton, Ryan K.Carniato (SolidJS creator), Michele Riva ... and many more, will be part of the fest!
So, JavaScript is your thing, you love the vibes of webdev conferences and you are keen on visiting Brussels and its wonders, then BeJS CONF 2023 is your place…
See you in Brussels or Online!
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