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BeJS #29 | Nuxt 2 to Nuxt 3 Migration : Hands-on Workshop
MEETUP #29 :
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📆 Thursday September 14th, 2023
🕡 18.00
🅿️Parking: Stéphanie Louise (Wiltchers) - Interparking - Av. Louise 83, 1060 Bruxelles (250m from Mirahi HQ)
- 18:00 Meet & greet
- 18:30 Nuxt 2 migration Nuxt 3
- 19:00 Deep dive: exercises
- 19:30 Food 🍕🌮🍺🥤
- 20:00 Continue exercises
- 20:45 Q&A + Social Time
A focused session on migrating from Nuxt 2 to Nuxt 3.
Dive deep into:
Setting up a New App: Kickstarting your Nuxt 3 journey.
Modules: Transitioning and integrating essential modules.
State Management: Strategies and practices for efficient data handling.
Components: Upgrading and leveraging the power of Nuxt 3 components.
Pages & Dependencies: Ensuring seamless navigation and dependency management.
Server Routes/Middleware: Adapting to new server-side paradigms.
Bring your laptop + charger
 : an early adopter of Nuxt and has collaborated closely with the Chopin brothers. With over a decade as a JS developer and an open-source contributor, he also boasts 6 years as a JavaScript trainer. Having hosted more than 150 workshops and talks, Jonathan has trained over 1,000 developers, showcasing his deep expertise and dedication to the tech community.
 : Co-CTO of Mirahi, Bouba is an experienced technical lead with a vast range of technology tools and a deep understanding of the web development ecosystem. Prior to joining Mirahi, Bouba served as Architect Advisor for several large agencies / international brands. Bouba extends his deep technical knowledge with team training experience, including upskilling and coaching.
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This meetup has a limited attendee capacity of 25 people.
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